iwaitforwords asked:

3, 8, 24, 38 :)

Hello my love!

3- Talk about the person you’ve had the most intense romantic feelings for

Ahhh. I don’t even know where to begin. But to say that falling for someone who can’t show any emotional or loving feelings towards someone outside of four walls is hard ass work. But with no regrets, as I learnt a lot, and at the time, it was right and that person was right for a while. But after realizing it wasn’t, it was prolonged, when it probably should never have been. 

8- Talk about the thing your most proud of

Hmmmm…Probably my grading last year as it was significant for me in a number of ways. But also (not just saying this for the questioners benefit!) the fact that my best friend has actually been my best friend for 17 years, and although we’re complete opposite, we have a bond that I don’t think I’ll ever have with anyone else in my life again. Also my family for coming out of numerous sketchy and difficult situations.

24- Talk about something someone told you that means alot to you

Bestests’ mom said I had ‘No airs and graces’ which is the best compliment of my life so far. Also, when people who I know don’t open up to others that much, trust me to tell me things that are important and poignant in their lives.  

38- Talk about songs that remind you of certain people

CREAM - Wu Tang Clan is unfortunately/nostalgically engraved into my brain and the memory of that night/person will never been undone. Also, Janet Jackson - All for You reminds me of my vaaaccaatioonnn with my best friend which was the best time ever. As well as numerous 80s songs that remind me of being in my dads car during my childhood.

I wish I could answer these more coherently and better but my brain is frazzled.

thank you love!